Writez, with his charismatic delivery and soulful instrumentation brings a new element to urban music. California bred, Writez was introduced to music early in his childhood. As an entertainer, Writez began performing for live audiences as early as five years old and later in his teens he began juggling his two loves: music and sports. By the age of twelve he had quickly emerged as a league star, entertaining crowds with his impressive scoring which earned him over 100 trophies. While sports taught him discipline and determination, music reverberates within his soul. He turned down scholarships to many top Ivy League schools to dedicate his life to music. 


Referring to himself first as a songwriter then a performer, Writez defines his style as R&B infused with a kaleidoscope of genres; Rock, Soul, Hip-Hop etc. Not to be categorized within a box or subjected to any limitations, he is a personification of his brand Writez University. Writez, armed with a pen, pad and a piano is aiming to be considered as one of the greats of his time, such as his forefathers - Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson.


Writez was honored as  "FairyTales" on THE WOOD album was recognized by members of the Recording Academy and placed on the Official 59th Annual Grammy Ballot for "Best R&B Performance".


Currently, Writez is making appearances and playing shows in support of his latest album Higher Levels Bigger Devils, which includes singles "Higher Levels", "Yeah, I Know", "Billboards & Top Floors",  and "Even".